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Intense Feelings

A Sim Soap

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Welcome to Intense Feelings! Never taking itself seriously, Intense Feelings strives to make light of soap operas, cheap paperback romance novels, and everything in between. Intense Feelings is just a bit of fun, inspired by the wonderful, glorious NBC soap opera Passions. With each passing season, the would-be-television-show gets bigger and more elaborate, and now includes the supernatural!

Intense Feelings has run since 2007, with each "season" serving as its own independent, standalone story. You do not need to read anything other than the current season to understand what's happening. However, season one and two are linked, as are season five and six. (We don't talk about season three and four.) It isn't necessary you go back and read the older seasons, although it is encouraged ^_^v

(COMPLETE) My self-Sim Sarah saves Jared Casey from the NBC soap opera Passions and they try to start over in Rosewood. Things get complicated when an adulterous maid, psychotic ex-girlfriend, and teenage hoodrat get thrown in the mix.
(CANCELLED) The 2nd generation of Sims from season one take the stage in season two. Jared and Sarah's daughter Kirsten heads up the cast with her brother Holden and all their friends. Unfortunately I corrupt my game midway through, and season two had to be cancelled. However with rich kids frolicking at parties and pairings galore, as short-lived as it was season two was a lot of fun. And of course, Fox+Claire = OTP.
(COMPLETE) Feuding families, evil twins, mixed signals, crossed wires and... supernatural elements? Season five strives to be the soapiest soap since Passions!
Season Six
(coming soon!) The couples who [literally] survived season five all got married and had kids, and season six chronicles the complicated, romantic, angst-ridden, and at times [literally] magical lives of those children. What fresh horror befalls the youths of Mayside and Pinewood in this harrowing season? How will their romantic endeavours and social lives progress with the supernatural constantly interfering? And with promised permanent deaths this season, who will survive?

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